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Decision Dilemma: Canada vs. Ireland for Indian Students Seeking Student Visa in Ahmedabad

Are you confused whether you want to study in Canada or Ireland? Stuck to ensure the right country for your academic dream abroad?

NB Visa World is here to help you choose the with a decision about where to study abroad, Canada or Ireland.

Choosing a place for your academic start can be challenging due to various factors. Over the years till now, Canada has become one of the most desirable destinations for international students. In 2020 & 2021, about 80,875 and 169,335 students received a study permit. The maximum number of international students from India and other countries entered Canada for studies in 2022, with 226,450 Indian students. The number rose even more in 2023, with 319,130 student visa permits. In the meantime, Ireland is currently being discussed as a study-abroad destination on par with Canada in 2024. The number of foreign students studying in Ireland has increased from 700 to 7000. Ireland has become a popular choice among those applying for student visa in Ahmedabad who want to study elsewhere.

Both Canada and Ireland are considerable options when it comes to studying abroad, as both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Eligibility criteria for studying in Canada and Ireland

For Canada student visa applications, those who are applying for UG programmes will need 12 years of schooling i.e. an HSC certificate, and SAT exam to get admission to the universities. A diploma programme lasts two to three years, whereas degree programmes last four years. When applying for postgraduate studies, it is easier to obtain a student visa than for undergraduate programmes. A GMAT score is required for admission to management programmes, while a GRE score is required for admission to engineering programmes. Cutt-offs generally aren’t required in colleges and universities of the country. You will need a score for English language examinations which are IELTS and TOEFL for getting a student visa in Canada.

A minimum of 60% score is required in class XII for an Ireland student visa. Individuals who scored 50% in class XII can apply for foundation and diploma programs. Students should have crossed the age of 18 before joining the degree program. The eligibility criteria of Irish universities are lower than in any other country, but the standards of quality education are not. For UG courses, the Central Applications Office (CAO) is an online enrolment system that is acceptable by Irish universities. Applicants to postgraduate programmes at Irish universities are required to possess a bachelor’s degree or diploma in a relevant field. Applicants also require a score in English text to prove their language skills.

If you are applying student visa in Ahmedabad, we suggest you level up your skills for proficiency to level up with the standards of education in Ireland.

Top Universities In Canada & Ireland

Canada offers a broad system of higher education, having 213 public colleges and institutes and 223 public and private universities. Three of these universities are ranked among the top fifty globally, which further establishes Canada as an outstanding destination for academic distinction. While Ireland has a total of 28 universities and colleges for international students, one university amongst those ranks 1st in the top 100 universities in the world.

When you apply for a student visa in Ahmedabad, we will guide you through the potential options of universities and courses provided for studying in Candana and Ireland.

Country University Courses
Canada University of Toronto Business & Finance
McGill University Computer Programming
University of British Columbia Mechanical Programming
Country University Courses
Ireland Trinity College Dublin Banking & Finance
University College Dublin Data Analytics
National University of Ireland Information Systems with Computing

Cost of living in Canada & Ireland

The cost of living in a country is a crucial factor to consider when it comes to studying abroad. Both Canada and Ireland have high standards of living and their own pros and cons when it comes to the cost of living. Major Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver are usually considered to be more expensive than Ireland. Dublin is the most expensive city in Ireland although there are other reasonable options as well. The cost of living for an individual in Canada is around INR 88,000 (CAD 1452) on average, excluding the cost of rent. On the other hand, the average cost of living for an individual in Ireland is roughly INR 87,500 (€980), excluding the cost of rent.

Scholarships in Canada & Ireland

There are fewer scholarship options available for students in Canada in comparison to other countries. The cause behind this is the low tuition fees of colleges and universities. Since the fees are low in comparison to other countries, the options for scholarships are limited for international students. Whereas in Ireland, to promote foreign education, Irish universities and the government have provided various options for scholarships. Numerous students are able to further their education with the assistance of these university-sponsored scholarships.


All in all, when you are exploring your options for a student visa in Ahmedabad, both Canada and Ireland are excellent destinations to study abroad. Both offer high-standard education options, and a friendly culture whereas there is a difference in the cost of living and studies, scholarship options, etc.

By seeking guidance from NB Visa World, you will know the ideal choice for your studies abroad by getting the right and detailed information about both potential options.