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Grab the opportunity be become a partner of one of the biggest visa consultants in India, Trusted by 175+ Franchises and 450+ partners. We are known to provide excellent career development and successful immigration solutions to our clients.

Why Franchise of NB Visa World?

Access of ERP to monitor inquiries / visa file documentation and process for their client

Low Investment – High Returns

  Product Training – Quick Support

  20+ government Approved Immigration lawyers & Consultants Are On Our Panel

  Opportunity To Open Your Franchise In India And In Abroad Too

  The Only Company To Give Maximum Options For Student Visa & Immigration

What Are We Looking For In A Visa Consultancy Franchise?

Every Franchise will be expected to follow the guidelines of our business in a manner that keeps the essence and ethos of our business intact.

What will you receive?

 We will begin by giving you a complete in-depth understanding of the business in the form of staff training, business knowledge, operational guidelines, set-up assistance, support staff if needed operation operational guidelines. Thorough assistance through the setup process and kick-starting of the business will be given to you.

Franchise Partner Benefits We Offer

With years of experience, we have achieved 3 National and 30 State awards. Over 175+ Franchise and 450+ partners are part of our family,

We hold a huge client base and several collaborations made with foreign Companies / Attorneys / Lawyer / Consultants / Colleges / Universities too, which will ultimately benefit all the Franchise / Business Partner owners connected to us. We work on a low-investment, high-return business model. With minimum risk, you can set up a strong system and serve clients of our Franchise / Business Partner. We offer training and support to all our Franchise Partners on a regular interval time to keep you updated with the latest rules and changing policies about student or immigration visas. With a legal contract and transparent terms and conditions, every Franchise / Business Partner owner can trust and rely on us.

The requirement for setting up Visa Consultancy Franchise & becoming our Business Partner

An office premises with a minimum carpet area of 300 sq. ft. at a decent and easily accessible location in the city. We should be able to pay the amount of agreement for getting the license to run the Franchise / Business Partner seamlessly. Should be packed with necessary capital investment to set up the business. Basic requirements like government bodies permission for banners and hoardings display, fast internet service, and customer-centric approach.


As we firmly believe that local business ownership, management and knowledge of the market are the keys to business success, we seek franchises in all key cities in the India as        well in other countries who can partner with us in promoting and providing international education & immigration consulting services in their assigned territorial coverage                  under an Independent Business Franchise Agreement. We carefully select our franchises to be assured that we only work with people who share our philosophy in conducting            the business in a professional, legal, ethical, honest and responsible manner and who has the passion for excellence in client services.

  There is an ongoing and never ending demands for this business due to the ever increasing number of people (professionals, self employed, business people, new graduates &             students) intending to pursue global education, career advancement and migration opportunities in various countries in search for better lives or simply re-unite with their                 families abroad.

  The Family based migration provides continuous flow of clients especially from fiancé(e), spouse, partner, child, parent & other family members who wish to join their families in         various countries. When they became immigrants or citizens, it will now be their turn to sponsor or petition for immigration their remaining family members.

  The Skilled Migration as well as the Migration thru the Education Pathway (Study-Work-Migrate) program are considered the most popular pathways among professionals,                 self-employed, new graduates and students wishing to pursue career advancement & migration opportunities currently available in Canada, Australia, NZ, USA, UK,                                Europe & Rest of World hence, considered market rich. The big volume of visa applications lodged daily to the different embassies & consulates will give you an idea of the                    potential of the business While the visas and immigration process are designed to be transparent and open in most countries, the reality is that it is continuously complex, ever          changing and far from being straight forward.

Because of this, most applicants prefer to retain the services of an immigration consulting firm who has the integrity, knowledge and expertise to assist them through the maze          of complex application process and at the same time improve their chances for visa success. This business however, is not for everyone. Many has attempted to jump into this              business but failed flatly due to lack of know how in operating the business.

  At our franchise, we believe in providing you with flexibility when it comes to territorial coverage 

  You have the freedom to select the perfect location for your franchise within our designated region. 

  Additionally, in select important cities and provinces, we offer an exciting opportunity known as a "master territorial franchise." 

  This special arrangement gives you a competitive edge in the area, enabling you to thrive and succeed in your business.

  Our franchise prioritizes the success of your business and offers a range of benefits and support systems to ensure that. Here's what you can expect:

  Protected Territory: As an Exclusive or Master Franchise holder, you will enjoy the advantage of a designated territory where you can operate without
       competition from other franchisees.

  Comprehensive Training and Support: We provide ongoing training and support to help you navigate every aspect of the business successfully, including operational systems               and  effective management practices.

  Franchise Operations Manual: You will receive a comprehensive manual that acts as a step-by-step guide to setting up, developing, and operating your franchise. It covers vital           areas like marketing, promotions, financial management, administrative processes, and provides helpful samples of forms, documents, and promotional materials.

  Visas & Immigration Information Guides & Updates: Regularly, we will provide you with up-to-date guidelines and information from visa and immigration offices in countries               such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and more. These insights will keep you well-informed and able to assist your clients effectively. 

  If necessary, we can arrange meetings to discuss specific immigration cases.

  Access to Company's Study Abroad Programs: Within our established policies, you will have access to our study abroad programs. This unique offering enables you to attract             clients who are interested in pursuing educational opportunities in various countries.

  Co-Counseling Option: You have the option to retain our consulting services for specific client cases as a business franchise. This exclusive assistance and advice will be                         dedicated solely to your franchise, helping you tackle complex or high-volume cases during the crucial early stages of operations.

  Submission of Expression of Interest – including your desired location and professional and/or business background. 

  We will make an initial evaluation, check if your preferred location is available and then schedule a discussion about the franchise program.

  Discussion on the franchise program terms and conditions

  Signing of Business Franchise Agreement and Franchise fee payment

  Completion of Stage 1 Training (Setting Up, Developing & Operating the Business)

Registered Business – With the required permits & an office premises with a minimum carpet area of 500 sq. ft. at a decent and easily accessible location in the city,  necessary          communication facilities (telephone and computer with high-speed internet & scanner) and at least one (1) Office Assistant. This may be done after signing the franchise                        agreement since the franchise terms allow 30 extra days to complete the business registration process

  Starting and operating an international education, visas, and immigration services consulting business requires significantly lower capital investment and operating costs                       compared to most businesses. Here's how the costs break down

  Initial Investments: Apart from the franchise fee, you will need to invest in capital expenditures such as office rental deposits, office renovations, and acquiring office furniture           and equipment (computer, fax printer, scanner). You will also need to set up communication facilities.

  Ongoing Monthly Expenses: Once your business is operational, you will have monthly expenses to consider. These include office rental, salaries for at least one staff member,             taxes (Non-VAT), advertising and promotions, communication expenses, office supplies, and utility bills.

  Cost Savings: Unlike other businesses, you won't have costs associated with inventory, equipment, machinery, or warehousing. Additionally, manpower costs are lower as you             can appoint agents on a commission basis.

Professional Fees: Marketing affiliates earn substantial revenue splits on professional fees received for study abroad and visa & immigration cases. This reflects the role they              play in referring and promoting the franchise's services.

IELTS and French Language Review Fees: Marketing affiliates also benefit from revenue splits on IELTS and French language review fees paid by their referred clients.

Commissions for Student Placements: Marketing affiliates receive revenue splits on commissions from partner colleges or universities. These commissions are earned when              students referred by the franchise are successfully placed in educational institutions.

If you believe this is the right business for you, we can discuss how you can own and start your franchise in your preferred location. Once a decision is made, we can proceed                with signing the franchise agreement, paying the franchise fee, and scheduling your Stage I training to prepare you for launching your franchise.

 Our training and orientation are divided into two stages

  • Stage I Training:
    This comprehensive training focuses on guiding you in establishing, developing, and operating your business. It covers key areas such as marketing, promotions, administrative and business operations, providing you with sample forms and documents.


  • Stage II Training:
    We offer ongoing support by regularly providing study abroad, visas, and immigration guides and updates. These resources keep you informed and equipped. If you need further clarification or have questions about these guides, we are available for discussions. However, please note that they serve as informational resources based on existing immigration rules and visa office guidelines. They do not provide advice for specific client cases you handle. For assistance with actual client cases, you can opt for our co-counseling option.

Our goal is to provide you with the necessary training, resources, and support to help you succeed in your franchise business.

  Take advantage of a unique global business opportunity in international education, visas, and immigration consulting. 

  This fast-growing field offers high profits, recurring referrals, and the chance to work with multiple countries. 

  With low investment and the possibility of developing a partner network, this business might be perfect for you.

  Contact us to learn more about our franchise program and how to set up your business in your preferred location.

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