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Expert Forecasts on Canada’s Immigration Trends
and the Crucial Role of Visa Consultants

Would you believe it if we told you that Canada may take in more residents in the coming years?

Immigration to Canada began 150 years ago. This is a country which has opened its heart to immigrants since its Confederation in 1857. As of date,  almost 1/4th of Canada’s population is made up of non-natives. Newcomers seeking opportunity and a better life have migrated to Canada over the years. Several of them are Indians. In the years that have passed, they have made invaluable economic, social, and cultural contributions to Canadian society.


As we look into the future,  there are compelling reasons that indicate why Canadian immigration will increase. An aging native-born population and the declining birth rate will make it critical for sustaining both the population and economic growth. Labor shortages across various occupations and regions can also be addressed. If you are looking to migrate to Canada, NB visa consultant in Ahmedabad can guide you through the process by providing expert assistance.

Canada’s successful history of absorbing immigrants from India especially Gujarat over generations is a good reason for you to apply today.
Sound government policies coupled with public support for multiculturalism, position the country well as a home. 

Historically An Immigration-Friendly Country

Canada has borne witness to the influx of skilled labour to fulfil labour shortages. This flow declined in 1980 and numbers bounced back, with an average of around 250,000 new permanent residents per year over the last two decades. This growth has been an important driver of Canada’s population and economic expansion. Today, over 20% of Canada’s population is foreign-born. Immigration will continue to build the country’s demographics and workforce.  A good visa consultant in Ahmedabad such as NB Visa World can advise you on your immigration process to Canada. 

Aging Population

Canada’s declining birth rate, coupled with increasing life expectancies, has resulted in a rapidly aging population. Seniors now outnumber children under 15 for the first time in Canadian history. By 2031, seniors could comprise 23% of the population. This demographic shift poses economic challenges. Fewer workers will be available to support seniors through programs like healthcare and pensions, potentially stagnating labour force growth.

Labor Shortages

Nearly 1 in 4 Canadians will be 65 or older by 2030. This will lead to significant labour shortages. Many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and technology, are already struggling to find enough skilled workers. A survey found that 82% of Canadian companies face labour and skills shortages. Expert visa consultants in Ahmedabad can help you fulfil your dream of a Canadian lifestyle by guiding you through the process.  The right applications can correctly fill these gaps arising in the Canadian workforce by attracting foreign workers with the necessary education, training, and expertise.

Economic Growt

As of date, immigrants contribute over $30 billion annually to Canada’s GDP. Recent studies highlight positive net fiscal contributions, as immigrants pay more in taxes than they receive in government services. They also contribute to innovation, business creation, and job growth, with over 40% of them owning small and medium-sized businesses in Canada.

Housing & Infrastructure

Canada’s major cities are grappling with housing affordability and a lack of supply. Increasing immigration levels will further strain the housing market, driving prices higher. Cities need to expedite housing construction to prevent a housing crisis. Infrastructure like transit, healthcare, schools, and utilities also face strain, necessitating major investments to accommodate larger populations. To achieve this, a bigger labour market is expected to open. Therefore this will open up the need for immigrants from all across the world.

Cultural Diversity

Canada’s commitment to multiculturalism has shaped its identity into a cultural mosaic. Embracing diverse cultures and perspectives enriches Canadian society. With people from all across the world, Canada has become richer in art, food, music, and experiences. Diverse teams contribute to better decision-making, fostering tolerance and open-mindedness. Encouraging multiculturalism will be crucial as Canada opens its doors to more newcomers.  With expert immigration visa consultants in Ahmedabad, you too can be a part of the Gujarati diaspora in Canada.

Integration Challenges

New people bring various skills, contributing to a dynamic workforce. Embracing inclusivity turns underemployment into chances for collaboration and community strength. Navigating a new country involves overcoming integration challenges. Visa consultants play a crucial role in assisting newcomers with vital settlement services and helping them navigate language barriers. Their expertise ensures a smoother transition. They facilitate the integration of individuals into Canadian society.  In Ahmedabad, trusted consultants like NB Visa World offer valuable support in addressing these challenges, ensuring a seamless immigration process for a diverse range of individuals aspiring to call Canada their new home.

The country’s future depends on carefully balancing immigration levels to address demographic challenges and economic needs. It is crucial to plan and support newcomers, while also maintaining a commitment to multiculturalism. Canada is likely to continue increasing immigration levels to meet the above-discussed concerns. Now is a good time to start planning your immigration to Canada. NB Visa World, the best visa consultant in Ahmedabad can help you to plan your immigration process with ease and expertise.